Foursquare Badges Going To the Next Level

Today we woke up to a whole new aspect of the gaming side of Foursquare with the launching of the badge levels. The 24 core badges can now be leveled up 10 times. You know can show that you are an expert wine drinker and know where to find that late night diner.

I know some users who flame out after earning most of the core badges. They find that after earning these badges the interest to continue to use the application starts to fade. With the new badge levels you now have an incentive to check in again. Here in Seattle, we should own the Fresh Brew badge and Great Outdoors badge and I’m thinking a lot of us will already be nearing the 10x level for both.

Foursquare Trophy Case

Level 9 on the Fresh Brew Badge? Definitely a Seattlite!

With this new aspect, the badges that are eligible for a level up now have their own section in the trophy case. It can be found under the “expertise” section.

New Expertise Trohpy Case

In addition to viewing your own level ups, you can now see what levels your friends are at when you view the badge in your trophy case.

What level are your friends at?

Finally the last aspect to the update is the wording of the tweet that goes out. Previously the wording would be something along the lines of “I unlocked the *insert badge name here* badge.” However, now the unlock text has been customized to the badge (or the level) that has been earned and has the same snarky feel as the actual description of the badge itself.

So what badge do you have with the highest level? What badge do you want to level up the most?



Ever since Foursquare released their lists feature, users have been rushing out to create lists of their favorite places. From big brands to foursquare newbies, there are now thousands of lists out their to make your city easier to use. I have personally used lists more when I travel than when I am home. When I go out to explore a new town, my first move is to start following the major lists nearby. I have found some amazing places and discovered some great insider tips from utilizing these lists. And now with Radar reminding me when I am even close to something cool, lists are going to become more and more important to the future of Foursquare.

What are your favorite lists around Seattle? We have our own of course and local groups have created theirs, like this and this. What lists would you like to see that aren’t already out there? Let us know in the comments or find us on Twitter or Facebook.