Sounders Badge Coming Soon?

It looks like Major League Soccer and Foursquare are about to announce a new partnership. A few days ago , for roughly 30 minutes, every checkin was unexpectedly unlocking  a Chivas USA badge. Then Thursday night, we stumbled across this little teaser in Seattle!

According to our friends over at Foursquare Addict this is part of new partnership that will see several MLS teams with their own badges. Details are still coming in, but for now we highly reccommend following MLS and, of course, Seattle Sounders FC. We should know a lot more soon, the MLS regular season kicks off today for most teams, while the Sounders start their 2012  campaign next Saturday (St. Patrick’s Day) with a home match against Toronto FC.

MLS has offered other Foursquare badges in the past, but this would be the first time individual teams have offered badges. For Foursquare, a partnership with the professional soccer league seems natural. The MLS has seen incredible growth in the last few years. Their supporters are sometimes seen as a little on the fringe of mainstream sports fans, but their passion for the game is highly evident (sound familiar?).

We are pretty excited about these new badges- what do you think the design should look like? We are just hoping it won’t be Super Cyan! Tweet us your thoughts, or leave them in the comments!


The MLS team badges are live!! About Foursquare has a running list of the badges as they come up. To unlock you need to follow each team and checkin at a match. Should be a lot of unlocks next Saturday from the Clink!



Ever since Foursquare released their lists feature, users have been rushing out to create lists of their favorite places. From big brands to foursquare newbies, there are now thousands of lists out their to make your city easier to use. I have personally used lists more when I travel than when I am home. When I go out to explore a new town, my first move is to start following the major lists nearby. I have found some amazing places and discovered some great insider tips from utilizing these lists. And now with Radar reminding me when I am even close to something cool, lists are going to become more and more important to the future of Foursquare.

What are your favorite lists around Seattle? We have our own of course and local groups have created theirs, like this and this. What lists would you like to see that aren’t already out there? Let us know in the comments or find us on Twitter or Facebook.